Finding a Good Roommate for Your Apartment

living with roommates

Your roommate can have just as great an impact on your apartment as the neighborhood in which you live or the amenities that your apartment offers. You are going to want the atmosphere within your apartment to be geared towards your lifestyle just as much as you would like the neighborhood in which you live to be conducive to the things you need and want to do.

Therefore, it is important to devote the same diligence that you approached your apartment search to the task of finding a roommate. Some very preliminary questions to consider:

  • How many roommates are you looking for?
  • Do you want to live with people you already know?

Let’s investigate both of these questions before we move on to more specific questions regarding lifestyle and preferences.

First, how many people would you like to live with? The more people you live with, typically, the cheaper it is. The rent for a studio apartment is usually much more than the rent for a room in a 3 or 4 bedroom apartment or rental home. Additionally, you can save on other expenses such as utilities, food, cleaning supplies, furniture, appliances and electronic equipment.

Of course, living with others comes with such considerations as whether you want to come back to an apartment or rental home where there are a bunch of people. Would you prefer to go out or to other people’s apartments to see others? Do you require peace and quiet and prefer time to yourself when you are at home?

Sometimes it can be a balancing act; yes, you would like an apartment to yourself, but it is expensive to live by yourself in your desired part of town. Are you willing to make concessions regarding your neighborhood or your ideal number of roommates?

The next matter is to decide whether you would like to live with strangers, acquaintances, friends of friends, or dear old pals. Sometimes you don’t have a choice; if you are relocating and don’t know anyone in your soon to be home city, or if you need to fill a room in your apartment quickly then you will probably need to do some searching.

Whether you live with friends, strangers or find roommate who are kind of in between those two categories, the most important thing is that there is a mutual respect and trust amongst roommates. Total compatibility is not only impossible, but overrated. Learning to live with and respect others and their lifestyles can seriously be a fun time.

Let us know about some of your experiences with roommates. Have you ever heard had to move out of an apartment because of you roommates?

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