Fast Site = More Leads: MyNewPlace Is The Fastest Apartment Search Website

Does the following scenario seem familiar?

“Your site looks great. It’s loaded with content your users want. Navigation is a snap.

Bingo, bango, bongo – let the leads roll in!

Right? Maybe. Only if your site is also fast. If it’s slow – and by slow we’re talking about fractions of a second – your great design, killer content and intuitive navigation is largely wasted.

Conversions will plummet. There are all kinds of studies demonstrating this.

And Google will penalize you too. The search giant began factoring site speed in its all-important Page Rank calculations last year.”*

Google just launched its new Page Speed tool, providing an independent and authoritative means of calibrating and comparing the performance of any web site. Research from Google and many other online marketing firms has consistently shown that site speed and uptime are critical to visitor satisfaction and eCommerce sales.

Well, good news for us!

MyNewPlace scored an 89, on a scale of one to 100 (the same score that received). In contrast, the average score for our four major competitors was 73.

Our page-speed score wasn’t so much of a pleasant surprise to MyNewPlace as a re-affirmation that our performance tests are necessary – and working. “Google’s Page Speed confirms what we have been doing all along to enable fast page load times and ensure the industry’s best  experience for consumer searching for apartments for rent,” said Ken Cluff, CTO and VP of Engineering at MyNewPlace. “We continually work to make improvements to our site speed by using many 3rd party tools that test our daily performance and ensure our pages are always in synch with the latest standards and best practices.  Our dedication to site performance has resulted in greater visitor satisfaction, higher conversion rates and more residents for our client apartment managers.”

*Source: 1000 Watt Consulting

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