Ever Responded To A Roommate Wanted Ad? The 5 CRAZIEST ROOMMATE REQUIREMENTS

Searching for a new roommate isn’t easy. There are plenty of nuts out there posting ads for new roommates and it’s often necessary to pick through the crazy to find the roommates that would be possible to live with. Here are some of the most unreasonable roommate requests found on craigslist.

1. Male or Female Roommate who doesn’t Eat Cooked Food

“You’re going to have to eat your food raw,” one particularly bossy ad read, “Because there are three other people in the house. Better yet. Keep your food out of the house.” Reading this ad made me wonder if the roomies weren’t actually looking for an outdoor dog rather than another human being who would be splitting the rent and utilities equally while taking their meal of uncooked food outside. Eating isn’t a privilege; it’s something we all do. Even your future roommate.

2. Perpetually Single Female

“Seeking another single female to rent the other room in my house. In my experience, relationships cause too much drama, so you can’t have one for the duration of the lease. No exceptions. No overnight guests.” Most singles don’t assume that they’re going to spend the rest of their lives alone, but this woman who wants you to rent out her spare room won’t have it any other way. While it isn’t unreasonable to request the overnight guests be kept to a minimum or that a new roomie come as a single unit and not a matched pair, demanding they forego the search for love for a yearlong lease is beyond bossy. People have a right to search for love, whether or not they occupy a bedroom in your house.

3. Must have Dog

There are lots of places for rent that don’t allow pets. Far fewer require them, but there are some people out there, looking for roommates on craigslist that are not only okay with the addition of an extra pet, they require it. “We are two twenty somethings who each have a dog of our own. We’d really like another dog, so you should already have one of your own.” They could just adopt another dog, it would seem, if that’s what they were really after.

4. Free Rent in Exchange…

There are many services a person can offer in exchange for reduced rent: gardening, repairs, care of animals, cooking or clean. But being a single female? I’m going to have to say that this request, which was promptly flagged for removal has crossed the line of legality. “Free room and board for a single woman to share a master bedroom,” the ad offered. While the advertiser never explicitly asked for anything in return, we can put 2 and 2 together.

5. Must Bend to my Will

“You’re going to need to do everything I tell you. I’ll tell you how to cook your meat and which spices you can use. I’ll tell you when you’ll watch TV. I’ll dictate your bedtime and check to be sure you’ve brushed your teeth twice a day. But hey, I’ve lowered the rent so that all this won’t matter.” Last time I checked, we were all creatures with quirky behaviors and strong wills. Making unreasonable demands on a roommate and not allowing them to have any issues of their own shows not only a lack of insight into how relationships work, but a lack of respect for your future roommate.

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