Enjoying Spring Weather!

It’s spriiiiiiiiiiiiing. At least, it is some places, as it seems to snow every time someone in New England is foolish enough to put on a pair of shorts. If it’s legitimately warm where you are, congratulations. …Now if you could just remember what the heck you used to do when it was warm out. Need some ideas? Get cracking on this, the best To Do List you’re likely to get for a long time:


Join a community garden


This could be the most ambitious task you take on this spring—and also the best. Search your neighborhood for a community garden, and sign up. (Do it soon! Many gardens now have waitlists.) I could write all day about the benefits. You grow your own food. That is, you get totally delicious, organic produce for the price of a membership and some seeds. Besides that, gardens are a great place to build community, meet people, have an excuse to get outdoors, and do some light exercise that’s a helluva lot more pleasant than spending a gorgeous afternoon in a gym.


Parkin’ it


Feel like keeping it simple instead? Just head over to your local park. Sure, you could have thought of that yourself, but it’s been six months or more since you were in the habit of hanging out in the park. A good patch of grass gives you a place to picnic, to sunbathe, to play Frisbee, to people-watch, or to just take a nap. Need we say more? Get out there, and take the kids with you.




Oh, go get some Vitamin D. Just do it in a way that’s not going to make you age 15 years faster, and/or vastly increase your chances of melanoma.


Eat outside


One of my favorite things to do during warm months is to eat meals outside. Take advantage of those street side tables at your local café. Or take me up on the whole picnic-in-the-park idea. Better yet, create a space at home where you can eat outdoors, whether it’s in a backyard, on a tiny balcony, or just the front stoop.


Farmers’ markets


One more excellent place to eat outside: your local farmer’s market. As the growing season kicks off, you’ll find more and more amazing local produce. If you’re just looking for a bite, most markets have vendors who serve prepared foods. Even if you don’t buy all your groceries at the market, it’s worth a walk around, if only to check out the weekly harvest (or the weekly hippies) and buy a basket of berries to devour on the way home.


Pick flowers


If you’ve only got a short amount of time to spend outside, find a place to (legally) pick some flowers. You’ll literally be stopping to smell the roses! Take them home to brighten up your indoor spaces. The feeling of spring will last as long as the flowers last in a vase on your kitchen counter.


If you have any other fun spring time  activities or suggestions, let us know on Facebook!


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