Easy Ways to Pack Holiday Decorations Away Quickly

christmas candles

Maybe you like to leave up your Christmas tree up until July.  Unfortunately your tree isn’t going to get any greener and all those pests that laid their eggs on the tree back at the pinery should hatch around February.

Re-use Wine Boxes to Store Ornaments

ornament wine box organization
Your holiday party was great!  If only ugly sweater parties could happen every day.  Unfortunately you’re stuck with a pile of boxes that held all that cheap wine that made your party such a hit on instagram. Why not give them a second life? Take the the dividers in the wine boxes and cut them up so you can stack multiple layers of ornaments.  Use miscellaneous cardboard to create horizontal dividers between ornament levels as seen on Apartment Therapy.  MOST IMPORTANTLY: LABEL “ORNAMENTS.”  There is nothing worse then finishing up your packing only to forget what is inside and months later toss a suitcase on top of your ornaments.

Use Rolled Up Newspapers To Store Christmas Lights

usenewspaper to store lights

There is nothing worse then untangling your favorite pair of headphones because you put them in your pocket.  Why put yourself through that experience more then you need to by just throwing your lights in to a box and forgetting about them until you have to put up the decorations again next year?  Use a rolled up newspaper and wrap your christmas lights around them until you reach the end of the string.  Try to keep each roll to one string of lights.  Not only will you save yourself time, but you’ll be able to read the 1987 New York Times every year you put up your tree and laugh about all the pop culture tidbits.

Try to Keep Heat Sensitive Decorations Away From Sources of Heat

christmas candles

You know those decorative candles that Aunt Jean gives you ever year?  Sure, they only grace the mantle when she is around, but they’re sort of necessary for the holidays at this point now that she has been giving them to you for decades.  Save yourself some grief by putting them somewhere cool.  You don’t want to be checking the heater one day only to find out all the reindeer candles look more like a smack of jellyfish have invaded your basement.  Yes, a group of jellyfish are called a “smack.”


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