Easy Ways to Cool Down Your Home

Large Shade Trees

Although the Sun is 93 million miles away, the effects of the sun’s rays are easily felt here on Earth.  It is human nature to seek respite during a hot day by retreating indoors, but what if your house is so warm that it is uncomfortable to be in, offering little relief from the scorching effects of the sun?  Luckily, there are several easy ways to cool down your house that will help turn your home or apartment from an oven into a refuge.

Begin by looking at the exterior of your home.  A house with windows facing east or west is going to take a greater hit when it comes to absorbing heat from the sun.  Consider planting trees at an appropriate space in front of windows to block the warmth of sunlight from entering a home. While this is a long term plan, it has lasting benefits that decrease the interior temperature of a residence.


Construct arbors and pergolas in areas of the yard that will diminish the effect of sunlight on a home.  Alternatively, establish outdoor umbrellas throughout the yard as a low-cost method to ward off the sun’s rays.

Create shade outside the home by installing retractable awnings over windows.  Ideally suited for large porch windows, retractable awnings may be mechanically operated or manually manipulated.

Alternatively, opt for hiring a professional to install canopies over windows if your budget can withstand it; or consider a modern, sail-style canopy such as those found on contemporary playgrounds.

Curtain hanging 2

Window treatments are an obvious selection when it comes to easy ways to cool down your home.  Curtains are an ideal choice but all curtains are not created equal when it comes to blocking heat and sunlight.  Choose lined curtains or look for curtains that are specifically designated as “sun-blocking.” They are often more expensive, but the benefits will outweigh the cost.

Install blinds inside each window to keep a house cool.  Modern 2-in. or 3-in. wide wood blinds add timeless beauty to a home and have recently become more affordable.  If the cost of wood blinds is prohibitive, consider faux wood blinds made from plastic; many of them look just like the real thing.

Select window shades that roll up and down as a cost-effective option for keeping a home from being too warm.  Rolling window shades can be custom ordered to fit any window and come in prints and solid colors.  Additionally, rolling shades are usually available in a variety of sun-filtering attributes, such as light, medium, or dark sun-blocking.

Consider adding tinted film to interior windows to reduce heat absorption.  Hire a professional installer to do the job or visit a home improvement store and purchase a do-it-yourself kit.

Place custom-sized solar screens over window exteriors for heat-busting results; solar screens may be ordered in a variety of colors to match your home’s exterior.

Armed with these options and keeping a budget in mind, you will be on your way to a cooler home in no time.

Written By MyNewPlace Guest Writer: Karen Nehama


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