Easy Easter Crafts

Last call for making lots of Easter-related projects at home! Feeling creative but stumped on what direction to go? Check out some of these ideas:




These Mod Podge eggs are decorated with napkins—in other words, a pretty inexpensive and uncomplicated endeavor. A great method if you want the kids to participate but for some reason are really attached to the idea that all the eggs will come out looking relatively expert.


More Eggs


If you want to get really traditional, learn how to make Pysanky Easter Eggs. These are the Ukranian ones that use wax to make intricate designs (maybe you think of them as being Russian). Great for a  project to last all day.


Eggshell votive


So, you broke a few of those eggs. Use them to make votive candles—a little wax, a little wick, a lighter, and all of a sudden you’re the classiest Easter entertainer on the block.


Bunny ears


To clarify, these are bunny ears made for kids to wear—not actually ears of bunnies, or extra ears for bunnies to wear, either.  I happen to know a lot of grown-up kids who would happily wear them, given the chance.


Egg carton hens


All you need is an egg carton and some paints, and what you get are some absurdly cute little chickens, perfect for an Easter table setting. Believe me when I say they’re cute, because normally cutesy crafts inspire my gag reflex, and these hens practically made me coo.


Light bulb lambs


I’m in no way recommending that you pursue this craft. Point one: it’s listed under Easter Crafts for Kids. So far, so good. Point two: one of the main materials is light bulbs. People! Have you ever met a child? Unless this child is a surgical prodigy with an uber-delicate touch, why on earth would you choose this project in which they could easily break a bulb into a million pieces? Stick with the paint chips Easter egg art.


Block-printed napkins


As usual, Martha Stewart is taking it to a whole new level. In this case, she’s suggesting that your crafting spirit be translate into full-blown linen decoration. I have no idea if your block prints will come out as nicely as hers, but if they do, you have the added bonus of keeping your project for next year’s festivities.


What Easter crafts are your favorite?  Tell us here or on Facebook!



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