Drinko de Mayo: Corona Prices in Your City


I love Cinco de Mayo.  Here in San Francisco, it is a big deal. There’s an entire Cinco de Mayo festival in our Mexican-influenced Mission District, and bars throughout the city offer deals on Tecate, Corona, and margaritas. I decided to have a low-key party to celebrate this holiday…until I realized what Coronas cost in this city.  When I called my usual supermarket (which is a Safeway, nothing fancy), I found out that a twelve-pack would set me back $17.99. And that’s before tax and deposit. My outrage got me thinking: Has the price of beer gone up, or is my city even more expensive than I thought?  To figure it out, I asked friends in seven other cities what their typical supermarket was, and then called each one to compare prices.  Here’s the ranking for value.


7. New York City, NY: $16.99 ($14.99 on sale this week)


6. Denver, CO: $15.99 (the $11.99 sale price for the week would shoot it way up.  However, note that beer from Colorado supermarkets is only 3.2% alcohol, so I decided to penalize for that.)


5. Philadelphia, PA: $15.50

Note: Pennsylvania supermarkets cannot sell alcohol.  Instead, I had to check with a beer distributor, who charges $31.00 for a case of 24.


4. Atlanta, GA: $13.99


3. Los Angeles, CA: $12.99 (almost tied for second!)


2. Seattle, WA: $12.97


1. Alexandria, VA: $11.97


Conclusion: Next year, I will be in Virginia to celebrate the Fifth of May! How do these prices seem to you? Tell us here or on Facebook!

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