Dogs at work…Dogs Can Blog?

Apparently, yes. I already knew they could have diaries (just ask our friends over at Dogster). But, lo and behold, dogs want to blog, too. I found this in my email inbox this morning courtesy of Zero, a 10 year old Border Collie/Mystery Mutt who made his first appearance at work this week. Here’s what Zero has to say:

zero_cropped.JPG My First Day at the office – by Zero Ken finally brought me to the office. He’s practically been living there for the last six months, but frankly, I don’t see the attraction. Everyone pretty much sits. No one plays ball or takes walks. I sniffed the earthquake kit in the kitchen, and it doesn’t seem that Micki has included any dog treats – what kind of disaster preparedness is that?!? No treats? That’s a disaster! Luckily I did find some in John’s office. Technically they belong to Coal, but he and I are both old .com office dogs (veterans of AllApartments/SpringStreet) so I don’t think he’d mind sharing; besides, who’s to tell (does Coal read the blog?)

Lest you think we’re crazy, dog blogging is not an unheard of occurrence. Here’s proof:

Of course, you may still think we’re crazy.

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