Do You Dream of Your Divorce House?

What’s a divorce house? We didn’t know either, until we stumbled into (well, not literally, but if we had, it would surely be well-lit and beautifully bedecked) Liz O’Donnell’s divorce house on the Huffington Post. Apparently, a “divorce house” is the one you fantasize about decorating completely on your own and controlling down to every last beautiful detail. You might dream extra divorce house dreams when your husband brings home a bad retro poster for the living room, for example, or your kids insist on at least three rooms having Transformer themes.

Liz goes even further: she’s got a Pinterest page entirely dedicated to gorgeous ideas for her fantasy house (no actual desire to get divorced/hidden resentment of your spouse required). It’s like a design blog without any concessions to another person’s taste.

It got us wondering—what would our divorce houses look like? It’s hard to imagine, but my first order of business would be no clothes left on the floor, if you can call that a decorating strategy. We have one staff person who would doubtless employ a lot of pink and green—although her boyfriend might not mind that so much—and another who, I imagine, would have an entire wing full of canned goodies and another dedicated to her brown dog. Maybe with a shrine.

It turns out that there’s a reality-based counterpart to all this I-love-my-spouse-but-not-his-taste-in-doorknobs dreaming: a new class of interior decorators who work with divorced men setting up their new homes. A little more depressing, perhaps, but an interesting thought about how we decorate together, versus how we would decorate apart.

All this begs an essential question: do divorcees dream of eclectic decorators?

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