A New Light Through Recycled Windows

So yesterday I did a piece on DIY Terrariums since I’m going to be building one for my apartment, and to continue that trend I thought I’d write about another upcoming project of mine: recycled window room divider.


There is so much that you can do with recycled windows, it really is amazing. You can build a recycled window greenhouse out of them, use them as a rustic window picture frame, and even make a room divider with them, which as mentioned above is something I’m going to be doing very soon. So, in preparation for this I decided to put together some cool ways you can use recycled windows in your apartment home.


The Glass House


The Glass House

You’re an apartment dweller, so obviously this is a little out of scale for you, but it’s still neat. Let it offer you inspiration for smaller scale projects. Image Credit: seier+seier.


Window Frame Display


DIY Window Frame Display

If you’re looking for a unique way to recycle that old window frame that has broken glass, this is just for you! Image Credit: Stacie.


Mini Green House


Recycled Window Green House

Amazing on a back patio, a small green house like this can extend the growing season of fresh herbs. Image Credit: Stephen Boisvert.


Photo Picture Frame


Photo Picture Frame

Love this idea. I’ve seen it in a lot of my friends apartments and it always catches my eye. Photo Credit: Milk and Honey.


Do you have a great new way to utilize that old, recycled window frame? If you do we want to hear from you! messege me at LocalTalk@MyNewPlace.com or Tweet @MyNewPlace

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