DIY Pet Projects

Occupy yourself for the weekend and make your pet feel loved with one of these DIY pet-life-improvement projects. Who needs PetCo? (Please don’t sue us, PetCo.)


Nightstand Pet Bed

 dresser pet bed night stand

How do I love this flea market nightstand-turned pet bed? Let me count the ways. One, it’s made from old furniture that doesn’t cost much. Two, it’s painted a rad color. Three, it actually still serves as a nightstand—double duty! Fourth, and finally, it might keep a super needy pet out of your bed, but still nearby, with minimal separation anxiety. Shazam.


All-natural treats


Thanks to the spread of hippie paranoia everywhere, it’s now occurring to people that they should be aware of the ingredients in their pets’ food. (Actually, if you buy high-end pet food, it’s probably higher quality than the average human’s fast food meal.) This includes treats! You can spend a lot of time ingredient gazing, or you can make all-natural treats at home. Here are a bunch of different recipes. Just don’t overfeed you pet or you’ll have health problems other than toxicity to worry about.


Cat bow tie

 cat bow tie

If you want to indulge in a totally senseless albeit cute project, and torture your cat in the process, you could make this cat bow tie. It looks amazing, but I cannot imagine a cat liking it unless it was scarily intelligent, stylish, and also a serious fan of Dr. Who.


Cat perch


Now that you’ve thoroughly humiliated your poor feline, you can build him a cat perch where he can escape you and your horrible pet clothing. These instructions call for all-new materials, but you could probably find most of them lying around the garage.


Raised dog dishes


Ahh, so cute that my eyes feel burned. Use old wooden chairs, cut out holes (ones big enough that the bottom of your bowl will fit through, but the lip will be supported), and insert food and water dishes. Voila! Raised dog dishes. Just remember to cut the chair legs short enough that Buster can actually reach the food.


Dog gate


Tired of Fido chewing up/peeing on/generally destroying one area of the house. Keep him out with a homemade—and beautiful—dog gate. Bonus: this design also works for children under a certain height. Just cuz you’ve kicked Lady to the curb doesn’t mean you have to replace all her accessories.


Not-hideous dog crate

 dog crate diy

For people who love their aesthetics as much as their pets—whoever you are—dog crates are a particular pain. Necessary, sure; how else are you going to keep the dog from destroying all your perfect decorations when you go to the store. But also, crates are ugly. Never fear! You can make your own attractive dog crate from plywood—AND it can double as a coffee table! Just don’t count on using this particular crate when you fly Fido to Florida for Christmas.

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