DIY Apartment Deodorizers

Sure you can Febreze the heck out of each and every couch pillow, rug, and curtain in your apartment. But do you really want people to think “Febreze” when they walk in the door? Not to mention the fact that each spritz contains a ton of sketchy chemicals. Instead of shelling out for a common chemical smell, why not deodorize your home in a way that’s really you—or at least, really non-toxic. There are ways to do it that don’t have to be approved by the FDA:


Scented vapor around the home


If you want your home to smell delicious throughout, cook up a little scented brew. Boil some spices and fruits—say, cinnamon sticks and orange rind—and let the vapors fill your apartment. Let the pot simmer as long as you want (just make sure it doesn’t all boil off) and then store the leftover sweet-smelling water in the fridge, for future use. This method is a lot more natural than lighting a whole bunch of scented candles, and cheaper, too.


Garbage disposal citrus

Is your sink or garbage disposal stinking up your kitchen? Try grinding some citrus peel through the disposal. Orange, grapefruit, or lemon will all work. These rinds are also good for other deodorizing projects; just let the peels dry, chop them up, and put them in a breathable bag or small dish, wherever the air needs a little freshening.



 make your own potpourri

The traditional choice! Potpourri makes any room smell more like the 1970s. The problem with most kinds you can buy in the store, though, is that they’re usually sprayed with synthetic smells, and any hypochondriac with a computer can tell you that those chemicals have been linked to everything from asthma to cancer. If you’re a “better safe than sorry” person, or just a “I’d rather have fun making my own potpourri than buy it from Ross” person, you’re in luck: potpourri is really easy to make, and you there are myriad different blends you can try.


Deodorizing disks

These homemade disks are intended for getting rid of diaper smell, but we suspect they’ll work around the house. All you need is baking soda, water, essential oil, and a muffin pan. Make a whole batch and keep them in a sealed bag for when your diaper bin—or bathroom, or laundry room, or workshop—get a little funky.




I cannot say enough good things about vinegar. It cleans, it disinfects, it deodorizes, it’s non-toxic and…drumroll, please…it’scheap as all get-out. Although vinegar smells strong when you first pour it, that smell will dissipate as it dries, and leave only clean air behind. You can use it in your sink drain, dishwasher, microwave, carpet, litter box …the list is endless. If you use vinegar to clean your sink or floor, you can also bypass using commercial cleaners, as vinegar will kill all those germs.

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