Denver Apartments and Renters are Pet Friendly


This morning we pushed out a new press release that relates that the most pet friendly city for renters is Denver. What makes Denver apartments so particularly pet friendly?

When we went through our internal search data, we found a few things. One, that Denver had the highest percentage of renters who were looking for pet friendly apartments. This includes searches for apartments for rent that allow cats, dogs or both. Nationally, according to MyNewPlace numbers 1 in 4 searches are for pet friendly apartments of some kind.

When we saw that Denver had such a high percentage of renters who were looking for pet friendly apartments, we went back through our listings to find out if apartment management companies and landlords were more likely to allow pets than in other cities.

Turns out, Denver apartments have a higher than average amount of pet friendly apartments available. Nearly 74 percent of apartments allow cats, while 62 percent allow dogs.

We’ll keep digging through our search data to bring you apartment rental search trends from around the nation.

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