Decorating Your Apartment


(photo courtesy of Mia Mabanta)

After last week’s Apartment Rental Match Game, it became abundantly clear to me that I urgently needed to seek consultation for decorating my apartment. This unnatural inclination to spruce things up was prompted by the fact that many of the games participants incorrectly matched a dog named Henri with my room.

So, I began the search for ideas much the same way I would search for apartments for rent, on the internet. The site Rental Decorating Digest provides a pretty comprehensive guide full of tips and information on how to approach interior design for your apartment.

Another great site that I was familiar with through my roommate was Casa Sugar, which features articles on stylish and trendy home furnishings. Admittedly, their ideas offer a bit more than would be appropriate for a domicile such as mine, but they certainly do offer some creative suggestions that look really cool.

More on my level are the suggestions from Oh My Apartments article, Decorating from Smart Garage Sale Purchases. They recommend having a good idea of what you are looking for before you head out and start buying things, cautioning readers how easy it is to get carried away and end up with an apartment full of furniture that takes up space rather than serves a function.

Most puzzling to me, however, is what to adorn my walls with. I would like to upgrade from the current status of things (maps of San Francisco and surrounding areas duct taped to the walls) to something a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

What do renters out there have on their walls for decoration? How do you mount such things? Duct tape is probably the most reliable substance I have ever used, but its ability to hold posters on a wall is frustratingly pitiful.

Let us know, or, better yet, send us pictures of your apartment for the next round of Apartment Rental Match Game!

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