Considering A Security Upgrade? Newer Security Systems Offer More Effective Protection for Apartments

Security is important wherever we live, but in an apartment community where people are frequently coming and going it can be difficult to guarantee while keeping the community convenient and open. Some new security systems offer better security and more convenience for both renters and owners.

Wireless Systems

Although new apartment buildings can be built with the latest wired security systems, apartments that have already been constructed cannot viably upgrade these systems. New wireless systems offer a way to upgrade or replace old systems more easily and inexpensively. Because they can be added and changed piece by piece these systems will enable apartment communities to fill in any security gaps they may have missed. As Jeffery Steele of Multi-Housing News points out, wireless systems have the additional benefit of allowing all security data to be directed to a central location for easier analysis and management.

Video Analysis

CCTV (closed circuit television) has been used in a handful of apartment communities for some time, but it has typically involved a passive system that required a security officer to monitor around the clock. New analysis algorithms are enabling cameras to automatically notice if someone is going the wrong way down a hallway or even recognize people by face. These new video technologies are more vigilant and less expensive than the traditional human watchmen and will make it easier for apartment communities to keep out unwelcome guests.

Smart Cards

Many people have seen smart cards before and will soon see even more. Using cards with magnetic readers has become cheaper in recent years and has begun to replace the traditional lock and key method in many apartment communities. Because smart cards are more convenient than keys residents are less likely to leave their rooms unlocked, making everyone more secure. In addition readers can be quickly reprogrammed if a resident loses a card.

Biometric Systems

Although they are still coming into the mainstream, retina scans, fingerprint door locks, and hand-geometry readers offer the possibility of top notch security. Once limited to the halls of military intelligence agencies, biometric technologies like the commercial SafeRise system have become inexpensive enough for consideration by apartment communities with high security needs. Such systems are the optimal security solution; incredible convenience (you can’t forget your key) and unrivaled verification (unless you have an evil twin). No matter how advanced technology gets though, vigilance on the part of residents and owners is the best protection.

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