Cocktails for Spring!

Spring is a great time to add some variety to your cocktail list.  Gone are the days of hot toddies and mulled cider; welcome warmer weather with drinks that incorporate fresh fruit, refreshing mint, and tart lemon and lime.  Mix up one of the following cocktails for a spring garden party, or just as a treat when you get home.

Cedilla Batida


I’m intrigued by this drink for several reasons. One, it’s purple. It’s purple! And without the benefit of food coloring. Two, it has acai berries in it (hence the purple), which makes me think it’s one of those “I’m drinking but I’m still healthyyyy, right?” trick drinks. Third, it comes with an edible flower. And finally, I cannot pronounce or even understand nearly half of the ingredients. That’s a lot of mystery for one cocktail. Solve it and let me know.


Strawberry Basil Margarita


Right!? Two of the most delicious things you could grown in your garden. Plus tequila, which, depending on your college partying history, may have really good or really bad memories associated with it. Mostly, though, I can’t imagine a more refreshing mix of ingredients. You could probably make a virgin one that would be almost as good.


Cucumber Basil Gimlet


I really like gimlets. (I also, apparently, really like basil.) So I’m always excited by a new twist (hah) on a gimlet that gives me an excuse to try it. This recipe, beware, requires cucumber juice and basil simple syrup, rather than just the raw ingredients, so it’s not for the faint of cocktail-mixing heart. Attempt only when you have some time to dedicate to the project.


Southside Fizz


A great choice if you want something basic—not too fancy, but still classically delicious. The Southside Fizz features gin, lemon juice, mint, and soda, and is so thirst-quenching that you’ll probably end up drinking it all summer long.  Add some ice (not how it was traditionally served) to make the magic last that much longer.




Just kidding. What do you think, this is the most boring blog ever? Okay, okay, mojitos are admittedly delicious, but Google the recipe yourself.


Fresh fruit beer


Say whaaaaat? Yep, basically a bunch of fruit, specifically berries, thrown into a light lager or wheat beer. Essentially, this is the sangria of beer drinks. Whether or not it’s good is another question entirely—I’ll do some long and arduous research and get back to you.




‘Nuff said. Rather than settling for sub-par orange juice, grab those fresh oranges, quick!—before they go out of season. Add some decent champagne and stir. Breakfast, anyone?

Do you have some killer recipes for refreshing cocktails?  Tell us here or on Facebook.

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