Cleaning Up After Your “Hot Mess” Party

Whatever nomenclature you’ve assigned your blowout party (we prefer “hot mess” but you may prefer something classier), you’re going to have to clean up afterwards. Unless you want things growing on your carpet. So let’s get cracking.


-Trash bag



-Hot, soapy water

…Got ‘em? Good.

1. Pick up all obvious trash to get it out of the way. Recycle whatever you can.

Optional: plug in a bumpin’ playlist to keep yourself going.

2. Deal with spills immediately so they don’t stain.

3. Put away food that is still edible. Toss what isn’t. Or feed it to your dog, if there’s no chocolate or E. coli involved.

4. Collect all dishes and dump ‘em in the sink. Fill the dishwasher, run it, and soak whatever didn’t fit.

5. Vacuum and mop.

6. Polish off the dishes. Pun intended.

7. Wipe down counters and check for any other debris that needs to be taken care of.

8. Nurse hangover.

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