Cheering on the Broncos


Cheering on the Broncos, Even in Your Small Apartment

Even though Colorado Springs is some distance from Denver, there is probably a good chance that this year’s Super Bowl will be more meaningful for you and your friends because the Broncos will be playing. You can show some home-state pride while throwing a great party this year, even if you live in a small apartment. Do not let your small space stop you from bringing your friends over. You will just need to do some smart planning to make everyone comfortable.

#1. Get Down to Basics

Take stock of what you have before you think of a guest list. If the only furniture you have is a small couch and maybe a couple of folding chairs, it may not be a great idea to invite 20 people to your apartment. If you want to invite more people than you currently have seats for, think about investing in some floor pillows or something to make the space more inviting. Just keep in mind that some guests might not feel comfortable sitting on the floor, so think about your guest list carefully.

#2. Make Room

Not only will your friends be coming over themselves, but they will also be bringing their stuff with them. Unless there is some freak heat wave, you can bet that Super Bowl Sunday is going to be a chilly one in Colorado Springs, so your friends are probably going to want to take off some layers when they get to your apartment. Make sure there is space to store their coats and other winter gear so they can watch the game in comfort.

#3. Be Festive, but Do Not Go Overboard

It is a good idea to provide some drinks and snacks for friends, and you can even do a little festive decorating if you want, but if every surface in your apartment is covered with trays of food and blue-and-orange Broncos streamers, your guests are going to feel uncomfortable and may not even be able to see the game through all the clutter. Simple food that does not require a lot dishes, space, or fuss, like chili or pizza, are probably a better choice for a Super Bowl party in a small apartment than something complex like a taco bar or fondue.

#4. Consider Hosting a Pre-Game Party

Because one of the teams playing in this year’s Super Bowl is a local favorite in Colorado Springs, it may actually be more fun to go watch the game at a local sports bar or restaurant rather than staying at home. Getting involved with the community is fun at times like this, so maybe just have your friends over for some pre-game drinks and snacks before heading out for the evening as a group. That should help you relax and enjoy if hosting an hours-long party in your small apartment is too stressful. Whether the Broncos end up winning or losing, experiencing the game with your neighbors in Colorado Springs will make this year’s Super Bowl a more memorable experience.

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