Celebrity Housing News: Spring Cleaning = 'Springing' for a New Place?

This month it was apparent that even celebrities felt the urge for spring cleaning. While we humble hominids think of spring cleaning as a yard sale, or a re-organized closet, celebs clearly interpret a spring clean as a fresh multi-million dollar estate or a new relationship; often both.

Russell Crowe and his wife Danielle Spencer top off our charts this month with their latest purchase named “Te Puke”, in his native Australia.  Nestled in lovely Rose Bay, Sydney and looking over the royal Sydney Golf Club, “Te Puke” is a 1909 six-bedroom gem. Crowe and Spencer had been searching for nearly a year to find a family home beyond their $14,000,000 Wolloomoolloo (!!!) Finger Wharf penthouse (which is apparently unfit for a married couple and two children). In addition to their two Sydney area homes, they also own an 800-acre ranch, just north of the city where the couple was married.

American Idol is making it that much harder for contestants when they inevitably lose, as it places them temporarily in the lap of luxury. In their Beverly Hills location they live like A-list celebrities before they even make B-list. Their latest setting is a gated, Tuscan-style mansion in Beverly Hills. For the thirteen contestants who make it there, they will have free-range of this 15,000 square foot home. The estate comes with a pool, spa, professional kitchen, 100-car motor court, and lake views.

Kelsey Grammer continues to dominate celebrity housing news with his simultaneous house- and wife-flipping. After officially divorcing from wife #3 (the notorious Camille) this February, he subsequently put his Beaver Creek home on the market and married wife #4, flight attendant Kayte Walsh. Anyway…in addition to the ski-chalet, he continues to look for a heavy-pocketed buyer for his Hamptons shingled cottage (read: mansion). Grammer is asking $9,995,000 for his 8,000,000 square foot home of seven bed and bathrooms. The home is inviting with its upstairs/downstairs porches, detailed wall and ceiling paneling, and old-fashioned yet professional white kitchen. (Of course the home also includes the basics: swimming pool, spa and garden terrace).

Jennifer Aniston makes her move official by putting her Los Angeles home on the market for $42 million. The zen-style home is, “just too much for me…I’m not this person”, she tells PEOPLE. What kind of person is she? Apparently one who is off to seek solace back on the east coast. After her hoped-for $42 million gets pocketed, Aniston expects to find a smaller spot in the Big Apple.

Christina Aguilera follows in Grammer style. While she puts a wrap on her marriage with Jordan Bratman she is also putting her 11,500 square foot Beverly Hills property on the market for $13.5 million. Aguilera purchased the Mediterranean home from Ozzy and Sherry Osbourne in 2007. The home comes equipped with a personal gym, six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a beauty salon, gift wrapping room, recording studio and a game room, among other amenities. Who doesn’t need a gift wrapping room? Please.

Charlie Sheen is clearly capable of gaining something while losing his mind, and that would be a $7.5 million, Mediterranean mansion in Sherman Oaks, California. Sheen purchased this 9,020 square foot estate as a location to, “rehab himself”. The estate consists of all one would expect of a multi-million dollar celebrity housing purchase, most notably it has a sunken outdoor grilling/kitchen/bar area…. Bar area?…..

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