Modern Interior Furnishing Tips and Ideas

If you’re looking for a dramatic change this spring, and streamlined styling is your thing, there are many modern furniture designs perfect for you.  Modern design places its focus on a balance between clean architectural lines and interesting organic curves that are soft and pleasing to the eye.  Both will spice up any plainly colored […]

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DIY Apartment Deodorizers

Sure you can Febreze the heck out of each and every couch pillow, rug, and curtain in your apartment. But do you really want people to think “Febreze” when they walk in the door? Not to mention the fact that each spritz contains a ton of sketchy chemicals. Instead of shelling out for a common […]

By  Caitlin Morgan
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The Joys of a Pressure Cooker For Your Home

Haven’t you heard? The pressure cooker is back in vogue (if not Vogue). Here’s why you should consider adding one to your wish list this holiday season. (Note! This article refers to electric pressure cookers; this article lays out if a traditional model may be better for your apartment) Wonders of a Pressure Cooker Pressure […]

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Happy Pets, Home Alone

 …Sounds too good to be true. Although your barking buddy might never be as elated as when he’s by your side, there are ways to keep him from going barking mad in your absence. Separation anxiety is, apparently, a real thing for pets, and keeping yours relatively happy can decrease a) the number of neighborly […]

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Organize Your Desk To De-Stress Your Home!

Clean everything off your desk Start from scratch. Completely remove all items from your desktop, and think carefully before replacing each one. Does it really need to be on display in your home or workplace? Or would it be just as accessible—and less in the way—somewhere else, like a drawer, file folder, or trash? If […]

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DIY Storage Containers for Your Apartment

Maybe you just moved  into your new rental and you have too many boxes that you can either a) recycle or b) turn into lasting storage containers. Here’s our round-up of good DIY storage container ideas: Shoebox → cord organizer I’m not the world’s most organized person, but I especially hate the tangle of cords […]

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Low Maintenance House Plants For Your Apartment

Is your thumb very, very far from green? You can still improve the air quality and overall aesthetic of your apartment, provided you choose the right plant. Here are just a few ideas of many—for more, ask your local nursery staff! And always check whether a new plant might be poisonous to dogs or children. […]

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Get the Upper Hand on Apartment Rental Scams

By MyNewPlace Guest Blogger, Ron Leshnower – About.com’s Apartment Living Expert       Apartment rental scams are all too common these days. Too often, there’s a story in the news about how an unsuspecting apartment hunter gave hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to someone to secure an apartment that the person didn’t even own […]

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