Renters Survival Guide

Getting Repairs On Your Apartment

Five Reasons to be Friendly to Your Landlord

As a renter, one word will strike more fear into your heart than any other. No, not “appendectomy” or “cockroaches.” Try “landlord.” The name alone implies his sinister power over your living situation; however, there is no reason to cower in fear. Building a decent rapport with him by being responsive, paying rent on time, […]

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Moving Pets Made Easy

Moving Tips: Pet Transport Made Easy

  Moving is stressful, and it’s tempting to treat everything around you like a punching bag. When your pets endure a move, it’s equally distressing for them (but they’re nice enough not to bite you). They sense that life changes are approaching and experience anxiety just like you do, so they need additional support and […]

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Keeping Pets Friendly

Managing Large Dogs in Small Spaces

Downsizing can be difficult, not just for you, but your pets too. This is particularly true if you have a large and rambunctious dog. There is hope though – you two can still successfully coexist together, even in a Small Apartment! Read on to find out how. Get Outdoors When you Can’t create space indoors, […]

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