Budget-Friendly Decorating

Let’s say, despite all our amazing DIY inspiration, you don’t feel like making your own furniture or décor. But you still want to update the look of your apartment, without breaking the bank. Here are some good places to start your search for the perfect leather lounger for only $5 (good luck with that hunt, by the way).

Your grandma’s attic

By “grandma’s attic,” we mean any family stash of stuff that no one is currently using. Retro is in, people! And in pre-IKEA days, things were built to last more than three years (or one, for beds). Before you look anywhere else, see what’s already available to you.

Flea markets & yard sales

My aunt has the world’s best eye; she can find amazing furniture and decorations under a pile of hangers at a flea market in a thunderstorm. Not everyone is so lucky, but it also takes practice. Hit up some markets and actually look at each item individually. Try to picture it in your home. And repeat, until you find something to make all your friends jealous.


Predictable, but for a reason. You can find almost anything on Ebay. Including people hoping to buy your soul, but I’m pretty sure that’s now against the rules.

Online blogs

Some design blogs, like Design*Sponge, for instance, do the work for you by scouring the net for “under $50” items.

Community networking

Wherever you live, there’s probably a place—or several places—where people go to buy cheap furniture. In my last town, it was a large warehouse full of people’s old stuff. (In the town before, it was the dump, but that’s another story.) Point is, if you ask around, either in person or online, your neighbors can probably point you in the right direction.

Get it for free!

There are numerous places online where you an get stuff for free; just one list includes “The Freecycle Network, Sharing Is Giving, Freecycleamerica.org, ReUseIt Network and FreeSharing.org.” Not to mention free stuff on Craigslist. Put in your time, it will pay off.

Thinking outside the box

If you’re looking for one piece of furniture, consider whether something entirely different might do the trick. You want a coffee table—will a steamer trunk suffice? You need small-shelf storage—what about old CD shelves, or even a wine rack? You might find the best deals in your own head, by being willing to purchase the totally unexpected. One woman’s junk is another woman’s sideboard.

Where do you find budget-friendly decor for your apartment? Tell us here or on Facebook!

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