Bringing the Outside In: Creating Greenspace in Your Apartment

Pining for plants? Gravitating to greenery? Perhaps you have a culinary knack that would be greatly enhanced by some fresh herbs. Maybe you just value the air-clarifying benefits that plants provide. Whatever the case, it is easy to liven up your living space with verdant foliage. Even if your apartment is pint-sized, you can still bring beauty inside. Take a look at the helpful tips below to learn how to get greenery growing.

Plan Your Plants

Before you head to the nursery and go hog wild, consider what plants you want in your apartment and make a list. This will help you determine what the plants’ sunlight, water, and spacing needs are so that you can group them according to their requirements and your space constraints. If you are planning an herb garden, for example, it helps to know that certain herbs, like basil, thyme, and sage, need direct sunlight, while others like dill and chives need indirect light and cooler temperatures. A plant plan will make it easier to facilitate care.

DIY - Window Sill Planter

DIY – Window Sill Planter

Get Sill-y

One of the easiest ways to get your garden going is to clear off a windowsill and set up a narrow planter. A window above your kitchen sink, if you have one, is a great spot because you will never forget to water the plants and the planter is an excellent space saver. Try to choose a window that gets the amount of daylight and direct sun your plants need for success, and do not be afraid to mix and match plants as long as the spot meets their requirements.

Designate a Garden Area

While your plants are not likely to balloon up and start calling out, “Feed me, Seymour,” they can become unmanageable when they spread out all over your home or if they are larger, like tomatoes. It is easier to care for them when they are grouped according to similar needs, so if you have the space, designate a special gardening area in your apartment. This can be a well-lit corner or an outdoor balcony if you have one, but the end goal is to keep your space looking and feeling organized and create a manageable plant care routine that allows your foliage to flourish.

Go Vertical

If space is truly at a premium in your small apartment, worry not. Instead of searching for a dedicated space where plants can spread out, let them spread up. Check out Woolly Pockets, which are wall-mounted indoor planters that you can hang anywhere you have room. Plant a custom herb garden or some colorful blossoms in the hanging container, and the self-watering system will keep them hydrated for up to two weeks.

Small Plant

Work with What You Have

Desperate for an indoor garden but worried that your apartment is dark enough for bats to call home? You still have options. While you will need to forgo sun worshippers like basil, consider smaller winter plants like spinach. Oyster mushrooms grow very well in dark spots, and Williams Sonoma makes a growing log for your home that is pre-seasoned with mushroom spores. Whatever plants you choose, be sure you purchase them from the nursery already sprouted. Tiny starts need a lot of light, so stick with seedlings to ensure success.

What are some of your favorite indoor gardening ideas?

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