Breaking Old Habits: A Fresh Start In Your New Apartment

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When most people list their favorite activities, “packing” and “moving” do not rank highly. Boxing up your belongings and hauling them to your new apartment seems daunting, but turning over a new leaf will help you develop some positive changes. Starting fresh allows you to get organized, reclaim your schedule, and use your new space to facilitate your endeavors in a lasting way. Read on to learn tips about creating beneficial, effective systems in your new Sacramento home.

Learn to Use Different Scheduling Types

Not all schedules are created equal, and different types have individual benefits. Your master schedule will show important or recurring events in your life, such as a weekly physical therapy session, and a daily schedule serves as a to-do list that is easily modified. Breaking your scheduling down into manageable chunks relieves stress and will let you focus on getting used to your new home.

Get the Proper Tools

Consider how you prefer to organize information at work or school. Are you a list-maker, or are you a visual learner who likes seeing a month’s worth of information at once? Use this distinction to guide how you schedule. Purchase a planner or a wall calendar you can hang in a prominent spot before you start decorating your walls. If you need storage to facilitate your endeavors, be sure to consider your decorating taste and, most importantly, available space in your new home. Head to Burkett’s Office Supply on Younger Creek Drive to get set up with storage and home-office organization furniture that employees tailor to your needs.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

If you struggled with maintaining order and cleanliness at your old house, your new place is the spot to start over. Psychologists say that creating new habits is easier in a new environment. Take advantage of this by creating a cleaning schedule. List the tasks that need to be done daily and weekly, and add them into your master schedule for several months in advance. To get started, visit Elliott’s Natural Foods in Citrus Heights to pick up some organic cleaning supplies. Having clean surroundings will help you have an uncluttered mind.

Give Things Time

Just like adjusting to your new commute or neighbors, new systems take some getting used to. Do not write off a schedule or system as ineffective just because you are not getting immediate results. For example, maybe you are writing your daily plan and appointments down in a new organizer but are storing it in one of your spacious new kitchen drawers where you forget it. Could you be doing something differently to ensure you are getting the most out of that system? Give yourself a month to habituate, and make sure you are fully utilizing your systems before you begin a quest for new ones.

Consult a Professional

If you find that, after several months, your scheduling and organization efforts are not giving you the results you desire, call in for backup. A professional organizer is the ticket to get you back on track. Contact Sacramento Home Transitions to come into your home and work to create new systems or just provide some clutter consultation over the phone. A knowledgeable organizer will give you motivation and help you find alternative methods of coordinating life in your new space.


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