The Bookish Apartment: Bookshelves For Any Apartment

I don’t read enough. Researching a lot on the internet is an obligation of my chosen profession, but I don’t really read. There is a distinct separation between researching and reading. With research your knowledge grows, but with reading your experiences and soul grow.


Since you are so much more likely to read if you have a space for doing it, I put together this list of cool bookshelves to inspire you to create spaces like this in your own apartment.


Bookshelf Stairs

Bookish Stair Shelves

This is a great idea for two reasons. #1. it looks fabulous and modern. #2. A great space saving solution for small apartments. Image Credit: Brett Jordan


Color Coordinated Bookshelf

Color Co Bookshelf

This would be wonderful for an artist’s studio.  Image Credit: John Nakamura Remy. Image altered.


Built-in Shelf

Built in shelf

So many apartments have built-in shelving, especially here in San Francisco. Fill the space up with books for an amazing look! Image Credit: Jason W. Dean. Image Altered.


The Literal Bookshelf

Litertal Bookshelf


It may not be the best way to display books that you actually want to read – but a literal Bookshelf is still a heck of a cool idea and is sure to add a little flare to any apartment library. Image Credit: Stacie. Image Altered.


Do you have a great way to display books in your apartment? If so, we want to hear about it! Message us at or on Twitter @mynewplace. Featured Image: Andy Mangold

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