Bond, MIB III On Bond: Will Smith Moves In To New NYC Apartment

Will Smith is in New York filming Men In Black III along with Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin (who is playing a young Tommy Lee Jones? How does that work?) While Smith has been in a number of major films set in New York – offhand I’d say at least 5 – it seems he does not own an apartment there. Then again, when you own this house

maybe acquiring a paltry 5 bedroom, 6.5 bath apartment is the last thing on your mind.  Is that a pool or a lake? Do you suppose he has tigers guarding the periphery or just guards with uzis? Anywaaaay….

By these standards, his new apartment at 25  Bond Street could probably be considered a downgrade. Then again, at Bond and Bowery it’s in a pretty g.d. good location. Let’s check out the floor plan.

Full disclosure: I have yet to live in a house in my adult life. I’ve been an apartment-dweller for over a decade and while I’d like to buy a house some day at this point, in my ideal zip code it’s just not feasible. That said, I have lived in many many apartments and at this point kind of narrowed it down to what I really like in my multi-unit housing. One feature I particularly like (but do not currently have) that Will Smith will be enjoying is an open floor plan between the kitchen and the dining / living areas. The kitchen is separated by a breakfast bar – so whoever is preparing a meal can chat with guests or family members without everybody constantly hanging out in the kitchen. Check this out:

Not bad, huh? I would think that those cabinets could be a little nicer – but then, it’s just a rental.  A $55,000/month rental!

I also appreciate the bedrooms being separated from the living area. One too many times in my days living with roommates I drew the short straw and ended up in the bedroom adjacent to the living room or kitchen. Every time somebody wanted to make a midnight snack or have people over after hitting the bars, I would be sucked into the middle of the racket. Much of the time I did not mind this, but there was that time when I had an early morning interview….

Anyway, moving right along, let’s check out Will and Jada’s master bedroom.

Hmmm…minimalist. Granted, this is probably just staging furniture, so who knows what their assistants will hook up for them. I do like the window-wall though I’ve had bad luck with drapes and blinds – is it possible to get blinds that aren’t complete pieces of junk? You landlords out there would know better than I would – do any exist that both last a long time and don’t cost an arm and a leg?

Speaking of things that are ludicrously expensive, get a load of this bathroom!

And while you’re at it, keep in mind that this is just one out of the 6 in this apartment.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the living room and apartment long shot. I could totally deal with this!

Even though he’ll only be here for a couple of months, it looks like Will Smith and family will be pretty comfortable!

And if that’s not the understatement of the universe, I don’t know what is.

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