Best Small Speakers For Your Apartment

Just last week we posted an article highlighting some great turntables for your apartment home and today we are building on that article by discussing Small Stereo speakers for apartments.


Basic Overview – Passive vs. Active


An “Active” speaker has a sound amplifier built into it. This amplifier is essential to get sound to play out of the speakers, and one way or another you will have to have an amplifier be apart of your system. Having it built in may be an advantage to you because it keeps the space looking clean, and allows an external device (like an iPhone) to be plugged directly into the speakers. The most obvious disadvantage to this system is connecting multiple devices at the same time, and expanding the system. If you buy an active speaker system you are stuck with the components, connections, and over-all sound quality that was built into the system.


With a “Passive” speaker system all, or most, of the components are separate. The speakers are separate from the amplifier, the amplifier separate from the music source, and any other source that you may want to plug into the speakers (like a DVD player, or iPod). An example of a “Passive” speaker system would be one that uses an AV Receiver, commonly found in peoples entertainment center running a surround sound system.


If you want to plug many components  into your speaker system and achieve a big surround sound with many speakers, invest in a passive system. If you’re looking for book-shelf sound thats compact and clean looking, and will simply blast your music library from your phone then get a good Active system.


A Sure Bet For Small Apartment Stereos


AudioEngine offers both Passive and Active speaker systems. They are beautifully designed and solidly built – not to mention that both systems are highly rated by professional audiophiles. I hate to only promote one brand, but if you’re looking for a sure thing with it comes to good sound and build quality, go with AudioEngine.


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