Best of Craigslist: Best Value For Brightness

After reading all about kids finally getting jobs and moving out of basements to their very first apartments, I was feeling in need of some sunshine and fresh air myself. (Once, I sublet a plywood-walled room carved out of the living room of a Brooklyn basement apartment occupied by beer-pong-and-Nintendo-addicted jocks. It was a good reminder that basement apartments are good because they’re cheap and usually well-insulated from the outside, but bad if you’re seeking inspiration, stability, insulation from the other occupants, or—obviously—natural light.)

My winner of the basement freedom award?

It goes to a 1-bedroom mountaintop apartment in Santa Barbara. Listen to this… it’s a “futuristic” but simple place, complete with huge windows for taking in the panoramic sunrise, ocean, canyon and mountain views. There is a patio. Oh, and did I mention you can go hiking in nearby oak groves? Finally, in case you need to meditate on your newfound freedom, the place “includes use of the private hill top Meditation and Prayer practice Temple of all denominations.” Nice.

Happy spring, everyone!

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