Best Blog Posts of 2013

Happy New Year! This holiday always presents a good opportunity to take a break and look back on the past year. At MyNewPlace, we’re thinking about all the apartment news of the past year… and the advice that we’ve given you. I want to share  few of my favorite articles with you; check them out if you missed any!

10. 10 Adorable Photos of Dogs in Drawers!

We are all big pet fans here, as you may have noticed from the two “Pets in Apartments!” contests we ran in 2012. I go back to this post whenever I need a pick-me-up; it features ten pictures of cute puppies nestled in small spaces.

9. Make the Most of a Studio Apartment

Lots and lots of us struggle with creating a sanctuary in a small apartment.  In this post, our staff blogger, Caitlin Morgan, offers lots of tips for making your studio apartment feel spacious and peaceful.

8. Micro Apartments Coming to a City Near You

I’ll admit it–I think this trend is so cool.  While I wouldn’t necessarily want to be restricted to 150 square feet, I think it’s awesome that you have the option to live alone affordably in Boston, New York, and, my hometown, San Francisco. (Rents for any number of rooms are notoriously sky-high in all three cities.)

7. Saving Money While Renting

As I look back on this article from October, I’m also thinking about my resolutions for 2013–who doesn’t want to save money in the new year?! While I tend to treat rent as a foregone expense in my budget, these tricks give you plenty of options to keep a little more cash for yourself.  That’s more money I can spend on shoes, right?

6. Host with the Most: What to have in Your Apartment so You’re Always Ready for Guests

One of the most fun products we’ve done this year has been “MyNewPlace Fridays.” Our blog posts are usually written by staff writers; however, this experiment has allowed the rest of us (like me!) to write a little bit.  I love this post by my work-wife… it’s funny and so useful for those of us who constantly have people stopping by. (Hint: Having a few bottles on hand make impromptu cocktail parties easy.)

5. Boost Cell Service in Your 20th Century Apartment

I learned the most from this article! For most of 2012, I lived in an old apartment with plenty of character but no AT&T service. As a pretty rabid iPhone addict, this was really tough.  I wish I had known how to buy or craft an enhanced antenna!

4. 5 Easy Brunch Dishes for Your Apartment

Brunch is my favorite meal; it’s sunny, relaxed, and so tasty.  Even better, because it’s usually simpler and more casual than dinner, you can host friends for brunch even if you lack kitchen or dining space. The thought of pumpkin ginger waffles or cinnamon buns is making me hungry as I write this! Check out the post for the full recipes.

3. Better than a Coffee Break: Yoga Poses for the Office

If you’re like me and you sit at a desk all day, you probably feel like a gargoyle every once in a while.  Certified yoga instructor (and staff writer) Caitlin Morgan gives you tips to refresh your muscles and get your blood flowing again.

2. No-Sew Crafts for Your Apartment

I love Martha Stewart’s advice.  Really, I do.  However, this commentary had me howling…but also includes links to some pretty handy crafts.

1. How to Rent an Apartment with Bad Credit

I think this may be the most useful article we’ve ever featured.  Even if you’re a great tenant and know that you will pay the rent on time, bad credit can make it difficult to rent the apartment of your dreams.

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