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Is the Recession Good for Rental Property?

Construction of new apartment buildings propelled a housing permits surge in the month of August, according to the US Commerce department.¬† This will be the largest increase (10.5%) in new construction since April and it brings up many questions for property owners, current landlords, potential tenants, and those of us here at While the […]

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Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment Can Be a Total Bear!

With Guest Dlogger, Leroy Brown This week’s news included crazy weather reports, serious threats to the Pope and a slurry of the latest trends strutting down New York Fashion Week runways. But let’s hone in on one of the really important issues: the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records has released its winners, including: the […]

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Get Your Security Deposit Back

Getting Ready to Walk Through your Apartment Getting your security deposit back is crucial, since you’ll have to put down a deposit when you move into a new apartment. If you are not careful, you could lose hundreds of dollars if you are charged for cleaning and repairs that you could easily do yourself. In […]

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