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MIT and Form Changing Furniture

The implications of shape shifting furniture is so immense I can hardly contain my excitement. MIT has taken dual purpose furniture to the next level with their Transform concept, i’m really excited to see this idea come to fruition. Besides tables that can form into a bowl, if this tech. was built into couches, chairs, and […]

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Damn Sexy Apartments You Will Fall In Love With

  Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is on your mind. You’re in the mood for something that will make your heart palpitate. Well, we’ve lined up the hottest Apartments in Chicago that you can actually afford to get into; ones you can really fall in love with. Our […]

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How to Make a Small Apartment SEEM Bigger

Sometimes you don’t need much space. Other times you can’t afford much space. And then there are times you’ve outgrown your current space, and you still have to live there. Whatever your reasons for a small apartment, you may be feeling claustrophobic. No worries! You can make a small space feel bigger with some tips […]

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Synchronicity on Moving Day: A Labor of Love

  Are you planning to relocate from one living space to another sometime soon? Moving can be a daunting task for anyone—there are mountains of matters to mull over, and tons of tasks to tackle in order to ensure an organized, efficient transition. With so many details to consider—location, size, cost, schools, and neighborhood conveniences, […]

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Best Cities for Political Activists

The Information Age made it easier than ever to participate in political activism, but a number of US cities still appreciate the benefits of rare proximity to the action. For those willing to get their hands dirty developing the nation’s future, the most effective political capitals are naturally centered around seaports and areas prosperous in […]

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Finding Mr. Wright: Harmony Meets Humanity in Modern Living Spaces

When considering modern architecture and modern living spaces, one must include Frank Lloyd Wright among the strongest influences of all time. Deemed by many as the greatest architect ever, Mr. Wright had it in the bag across the board! While he was many things: architect, interior designer, educator, writer and trend setter—he is most remembered […]

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Easy Ways to Cool Down Your Home

Although the Sun is 93 million miles away, the effects of the sun’s rays are easily felt here on Earth.  It is human nature to seek respite during a hot day by retreating indoors, but what if your house is so warm that it is uncomfortable to be in, offering little relief from the scorching […]

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Apartments for Rent or Houses for Rent? – Today’s Rental Market

With the U.S. economic conditions steadily showing improvements, marketing to U.S. Regional Interests via Google’s Trends data helps to answer a prevailing question – “are more people interested in “apartments for rent” or “houses for rent”? Legend: Apartments for Rent (blue) Houses for Rent (red) From 2004 to 2013, both U.S. based keyword searches “apartments […]

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