Apps for Apartment Living

Call it a roundup of roundups. Check out these lists of great smartphone apps, for everything from bill splitting to interior decorating.


Have roommates? These three apps can help you split the bill, break down energy usage by room (very handy) and synch your calendars for things like rent due dates and garbage pick-up.

Hungry? HowStuffWorks shares their favorite restaurant-finding apps, including guides for locally-owned establishments and the classic Zagat guide.


Want a “greener” lifestyle? Easy peasy. Greenliving’s five favorites list buying guides for cruelty-free products, sustainable businesses, even eco-friendly toilet paper. Urban Times’ list focuses on recycling, paper waste, and the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, a must for fish eaters. She Knows offers up yet five more apps designed to lower your carbon footprint and eat healthily and locally.

Trying to get organized? ApartmentTherapy’s got you covered for organizational software. Okay, they’re not apps, but they’re still useful—if pricey!


Redecorating? Try these interior design apps, which help you visualize possible changes and plan based on available square footage. HuffingtonPost also has a comprehensive list covering color choices, DIY remodeling, and crafts.

Feeling paranoid? Try one or more of these 10 home security and surveillance apps.


And what about apartment hunting? Surely you could guess that we’re quite fond of the MyNewPlace GPS-based apartment search app, for iPhone and for Android!

Do you have an app that makes apartment living easier or more fun?  Share it here or on Facebook!

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