Apartments for Rent or Houses for Rent? – Today’s Rental Market

With the U.S. economic conditions steadily showing improvements, marketing to U.S. Regional Interests via Google’s Trends data helps to answer a prevailing question – “are more people interested in “apartments for rent” or “houses for rent”?

Legend: Apartments for Rent (blue) Houses for Rent (red)

apartments for rent or houses for rent

From 2004 to 2013, both U.S. based keyword searches “apartments for rent” and “houses for rent” have followed a similar trajectory. It may seem obvious that when U.S. economic conditions are less structured, “apartments for rent” searches appear more prevalent while the opposite is true for “houses for rent.”

With the last Presidential election, the continued upticks in economic security and jobs have paved the way to more property investments driving upticks in rentals. Google searches on “houses for rent” are now positively forecasted (toward the end of 2013) showing that more people are expressing interests in home rentals . Still, Google Trends credits the Top 10 U.S. Cities for both keyword searches on “Apartments for Rent” and “Houses for Rent” in the following areas:

Apartments for Rent Searches – Top 10 States

apartments for rent searches - top 10 states

Houses for Rent Searches – Top 10 States

houses for rent searchs - top 10 states

If you’re wondering how your U.S. region ranks with these rental searches, take a look at the search distribution to discover your region’s trend. With an apartment rental, it is likely you will have staffed maintenance and lowered upkeep costs overall. However, house rentals are often a gateway to purchasing your own home with its own advantages.

When your next move is in your foresight, ask yourself – “Is it time to rent an apartment, or move to bigger space and rent a house?” Given the regional area search distributions shown here, the factors and trends may help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Apartments for Rent – Regional Searches
Darker shaded areas represent heavier saturation of the apartment rental market.

apartments for rent - regional searches

Houses for Rent – Regional Searches
Darker shaded areas represent heavier saturation of the housing rental market.
houses for rent - regional searches

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