Apartment Packing Guide

packing your apartment

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Relocation.com

Let’s face it: packing is lame.

It’s boring, it’s stressful and strenuous, and it’s a major life disruptor.

However, it’s the best way to save money when you’re moving, and for most people who are moving, that means it’s essential. So pour yourself a glass of merlot, crank up the tunes, and read these quick tips before diving into the packing process.


  1. Gather the things you’ll need: moving boxes, markers, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and a clipboard. And get more than you think you’ll need it, you always need more than you anticipate.
  2. In each room, put the boxes and packing tape that you estimate you’ll need for each room. If you have the space, tape together the boxes before packing.
  3. Assign each room a different color, and use the magic markers to label the boxes in that room: blue for the living room, red for the kitchen, etc. Each room should have a piece of paper on the clipboard.

The packing

  1. First pack the things you don’t use that often, sporting goods, clothes out of season, and the like.
  2. Using the color you’ve assigned for that room, label the first box “1” with a description of contents, the next box, “2,” and so on. When you move into your new place, you will unpack first the boxes with higher numbers, these are the things you don’t use that frequently.
  3. Before going on to the next box, pack each box full and tape it shut. Assuming that you have packed the closets first, move the boxes into the closet so they’re out of the way.
  4. Using that handy clipboard, draw up a detailed description of the box’s contents and its number, you’ll use this list to ensure each box was delivered, and you’ll use the list to locate items you need to use quickly.

The unpacking

  1. Do the big items first, get your furniture set where you want it, and set down your rugs. Then tackle unpacking your boxes.
  2. First unpack these rooms: kid’s rooms (you’ll want to get them occupied pronto to keep them out of the way); your bedroom (and set up your bed, it beats sleeping on the floor your first night); the kitchen (it’s a popular spot to hang out).
  3. For each room, unpack the higher numbered boxes first, and check each off your inventory.
  4. Completely unpack each box, break it down, and get rid of it before tackling the next room.
  5. Just as you did when packing, set a daily box goal and give yourself a reward for a job well done.

Before you starting packing up, make sure you are covered for moving day; get a free moving quote now.

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