Apartment Envy: The World's Most Expensive Apartments

Oh, sorry, are you not in the top 1% of Americans when it comes to income? You can still partake in the eye candy. Here’s your daily dose of apartments so expensive, they blow even college tuition out of the water:

Live in midtown Manhattan for a mere $100 million

This apartment, on the market since August, would break NYC’s record. But, I mean, it does have an extra apartment for your staff, so it’s totally worth the investment. The record apartment sale before this guy? $90 million.

Most expensive one-bedroom

“One-bedroom”; it looks like a full-on restaurant. Check out the pictures for yourself if you don’t believe me. Because this is such a relatively modest place, it’s only going for the equaivalent of $21 million USD.

Monte Carlo penthouse

Hold the phone…this might actually be the world’s most expensive place at $312 million, complete with a spa, library, and video screens that pop out of the walls. Oh, and “convertible executive chairs” that convert into beds, in case you’re having a board meeting and someone needs a nap. In other words, sleeping in a conference room in this house is more comfortable than flying first class.

Want more?

The Huffington Post has a slideshow the 10 most expensive places in New York.

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