An Apartment Transfer May Be the Perfect Solution for You

By MyNewPlace Guest Blogger, Ron Leshnower –’s Apartment Living Expert

Many renters find themselves having mixed feelings about moving. On the one hand, they realize that something is lacking in their current apartment that’s driving them to consider looking for a new place. But on the other hand, there’s so much they like about their building — from terrific neighbors to top amenities or a prime location — that’s making them inclined to stay put.

Fortunately, when you’re happy with your apartment building but your needs or wants in a rental changes, you don’t necessarily have a difficult choice to make. That’s because you may be able to request a transfer to an apartment somewhere else in your building that better suits you.


Chances are, if you’re in this situation it’s because you need a different size apartment. For example, if you’re expecting or planning to adopt a child, you’ll probably need more space. By contrast, if you already have children who grow up and move out, you might no longer need all that room. Many renters also start thinking about relocating to a larger, or smaller, apartment if their financial situation changes.

If this sounds familiar and you decide that the perfect apartment may be just upstairs or down the hallway from your current one, here’s what you should do to pursue an apartment transfer with your landlord.

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