6 Easy Things You Can Sew For Your Apartment

Even a beginner sewer can put her skills to good use by sewing these simple things for her apartment!

Dish towels

Dish towels get a lot of hard use, so making your own can mean not having to extend life to the faded-worn-and-possibly-moldy stage. Purl Bee shows us how. If you want practice, make new ones to redecorate for a new season, and store the extras for when the weather changes. If you get really good at them, you can even give them as gifts.

Sink skirt

Lots of sinks, like lots of elderly aunts, have rather unsightly bottoms. Take a page out of Real Simple’s book and fashion a sink skirt to cover it all up.

Draft dodger

If you have drafty windows or doors, a draft dodger can keep you warmer in the winter—not to mention a bit richer, thanks to the fact you’ll no longer be heating the Great Outdoors. Check out these themed “draft snakes” from the Daily Green.

Plastic bag stuff sack

Although it’s best to have a few reusable shopping bags, and skip the whole plastic-bag-killing-ocean-life bit, many of us have extra plastic bags floating around. If that’s the case, make a little stuff sack to keep them for re-use—try Martha Stewart’s how-to—and then ditch plastic bags and your sack forever when you finally run out!

Throw pillow

Can you ever have too many pillows? If you sew your own, you can have as many as you want without paying unreasonable boutique prices, and you can choose your own fabric patterns to match your décor. Sew Alluring provides a simple tutorial.


Fabric napkins are a nice touch—much nicer than paper ones. Make your own and you’ll almost never run out, even if you only do laundry once a month (although we don’t suggest such a course). Martha Stewart shows us how to make seersucker napkins.

Do you sew or craft anything for you apartment? Tell us what (and how!) here or on Facebook!

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