5 Solutions to Fix a Messy Bathroom

Whether you like to hoard beauty products or your bathroom is simply small and lacking storage, getting this kind of space organized can be a chore. You can’t just rearrange your sink and toilet layout the way you can shuffle furniture around, so it’s helpful to find clever tools that help you mind your mess. Keeping your space clean and getting ready quickly in the morning will come easily once you incorporate some of these bathroom organization solutions.

Drawer Dividers

If you’re lucky enough to have a vanity sink, you might have noticed that your beauty products are turning the drawers into a rumpus room. A set of stacking acrylic trays from The Container Store is just what you need to corral your supplies. The trays range in sizes that you can customize to suit your drawers, and they stack so you can keep everyday products accessible without having to dig. These individual trays have removable dividers to ensure each item fits. Plus, washable acrylic is easy to rinse in case of spills. Prices range from less than $10 to around $20 depending on size at The Container Store website.

Towel Ladder

When floor space is at a premium, creative solutions are necessary. If you don’t have built-in shelves and can’t fit a large cabinet in your bathroom, what do you do with towels? Get the towel ladder from Linens-N-Things. This slim space saver hangs on the back of your bathroom door, allowing you to stow up to six towels on its stylish bamboo rods. It even has two separate hooks for drying towels or your bathrobe. At just under $40, this economical solution is available from the Linens-N-Things website.

Image Credit: 851Condo17

Image Credit: 851Condo17

Over-the-Toilet Shelving

The wall area over the toilet is often left unused but this is the perfect place to add some shelving that won’t steal floor space. With a stylish, brushed-titanium finish and three glass shelves, Fox Hill Trading’s shelving unit slides over your porcelain perch and opens up the above area for storing baskets of toiletries, extra rolls of paper, and even a towel or two. This shelving is easily cleaned, and at around $130 from the Wayfair website, it won’t break your budget.

Suction Cup Solutions

What if creating extra space was as easy as licking and sticking? With InterDesign’s suction cup caddies, you can add sturdy storage to your mirror or shower walls to keep things accessible and off counters. Try the brand’s Twillo Suction Basket as a shower caddy for larger supplies like shampoo bottles and shaving cream, or stick it on your mirror to hold lotions and hair products. The stainless steel basket is durable and, for less than $14, a real bargain. Find it online at Casa.

Tote Bags

If you have a cabinet in your bathroom, consider the Kangaroom Mesh Everything Tote. With a center storage compartment surrounded by exterior pockets, this waterproof tote bag is perfect for rolled up towels or hair appliances in the center and styling products in the pockets. It’s also useful for rounding up kids’ bath toys. With its neoprene handle, you can easily retrieve the whole thing when you need supplies and stuff it onto a shelf when you’re done. For $13 from the Great Useful Stuff website, you can try a few.  

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