5 Ideas For Home Terrariums

If you haven’t noticed, I love gardens… and home terrariums, and planter boxes, wall gardens, flower bouquets… really anything that has to do with plants. I’ve been wanting to put together a nice indoor terrarium in my bathroom for awhile which is what prompted this article on ideas for home terrariums. I will be sure to keep you all posted on what I end up deciding!


Recycled/Thrift Store Containers


Thrift Store Containers

I like the resourceful of this idea. They would look especially good in a row on a windowsill. Add a few with colorful class and you’ll have a real show stopper. Image credit: Tim McNamara.


Blown Glass Terrariums


Blown Glass Terrarium

Blown glass terrariums are a great option since many of them can be hung with string. When grouped together these make a wonderful, airy accent to any room.


Light Bulb Terrariums


Light Bulb Terrarium

I really, REALLY love this idea. I think it would be particularity great with one of those old-timey light bulbs. Image Credit: Jennifer Feuchter. Photo Altered.


Artsy Terrariums


Figure in Terrarium

I like the idea of “arting up” your home terrarium with little figures. Image Credit: Erin. Photo Altered.


Necklace Terrarium


Necklace Terrariums

I like this idea, but I feel like it’s something that would die relativity easy. Image Credit: Sara Gies. Photo Altered.


Thanks for checking out the page, and if you have any suggestions on what kind of indoor terrarium i should put in my Bathroom, email me at localtalk@mynewplace.com or tweet us @mynewplace. Featured Image Credit: Sonny Abesamis. Photo Altered.




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