4 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Autumn Darden

By MyNewPlace Guest Blogger, Autumnn Darden of Upack.com!

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, there’s a big chance you may overlook a few things when planning your move. Most people are fully aware of the bigger tasks, like finding a moving company, confirming the closing date on your home, etc. But when it comes time to actually move, you may find yourself in a last minute panic over a few details. The good news: here are a few moving tips to help decrease your stress level before, during, and after the big move.

4 Things to Remember When You’re Moving

1) Don’t pack the essentials. I know it seems obvious, but moving days are fast-paced—which could easily make you forget that there are some items you’ll want to keep with you instead of loading them into the moving trailer. Be sure to bring along must-haves like medicines, extra changes of clothes, closing documents and moving information, or even a favorite toy that will make your child’s trip to your new home a little easier. 

2) Prepare a ‘first box off the moving truck’ kit. Even if you’ve already remembered to set aside the things you’ll need to keep with you during the moving process, you may not have thought about the items you’ll likely need during the first few hours in your new home. Pack a box that includes things like paper towels, a utility knife, a hammer, pen and paper, trash bags, light bulbs, disposable kitchen utensils, even all-purpose cleaning wipes; and be sure it’s one of the last things loaded so that it can be the first thing you unload at the new place. With a supply box like this, you’ll have the tools to get settled at your fingertips without having an exhausting ‘I-have-no-idea-which-box-the-scissors-are-in’ moment.

3) Less is more. Weeding out your belongings before a move will not only help you de-clutter, it also means you’ll have less to move—and that results in lower moving charges.  A few weeks before moving day, hold a garage sale for the items you no longer want or need. You might even make a few bucks as an added bonus!

4) Scope out your new town in advance. Let’s be honest—who really has time to cook dinner the first few days in a new home? Do a little research and find out where the best pizza parlor or burger joint in town is located before your move. You’ll be glad to go out for a quick meal after an exciting but tiring day of moving!

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