Downsizing: Making It All Work

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Downsizing: Making It All Work

Spokane has a lot of moderately-sized apartments that are perhaps smaller than you are used to and moving into a smaller space can introduce anxiety and indecision when you have to decide what you will take with you and what you will leave behind. Chances are you will have to leave behind some things that you have long considered essentials, but this is a great opportunity to reevaluate not just with where you’re living, but where you are in life. Whether it’s the collection of paperback mysteries that have been collecting dust on your bookshelf or the jeans that you’ve had (and still miraculously fit into!) since you were 20, think about it as the opportunity to create room for new beginnings in your new place. Here are five easy steps to part with your belongings and with Spokane’s affordable rent prices, you will find yourself happy that you saved all that money for the vintage pieces you always wanted to get.

STEP 1 Get Rid of the Big Things First.

Maybe the king-size bed you want to keep won’t allow room for your set of dresser drawers, so first decide what is most important and essential for your furnishings. Once you donate, sell, or scrap your large furnishings, chances are the open space will make you feel much less overwhelmed about the rest of the process.

STEP 2 Host a Clothing and Book Give-Away.

Clothes and books rank top among the items we tend to keep without using and they tend to take up a lot of room. You might have to say goodbye to your most cherished items as an owner, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to see them ever again. Invite your friends over to pick and choose from your clothes, music, and books. For the things you can’t give away, donate them to the local second-hand or vintage clothing store in Garland.

STEP 3 Go Through All of Your Old Papers

Downsizing your furniture will inevitably require you to empty drawers that haven’t been touched in ages. As you go through your cabinets and drawers, put aside all the scraps of paper and mementos that you tucked away. You can go through all of them later in an afternoon or during an evening when you can have some downtime over a mug of herbal tea.

STEP 4 Find a New Use for Old Things You Don’t Want to Toss.

Perhaps you can devise new strategies for how to store and organize your items by embracing Spokane’s culture of all things old-timey, vintage, and come-back. Use that kids’ Superman lunch box that you want to display in your living room for all those birthday cards and love letters that you couldn’t bear to throw out. Have some vintage luggage that you don’t want to toss? Stack it next to where you sleep to serve as your new bedside stand so you can get rid of the one from Ikea that you’ve been using.

STEP 5 Plan Ahead for Future Purchases.

Still having trouble making the final cut? Take some time to find what can replace it in your new space. If you already know folks who live in Spokane, ask them if you can see how they’ve set up their own place — many times, people will have bought their things at second-hand stores where replacement for big items is typically not too costly.


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