Multipurpose Storage: I Should Have Thought of That!


Multipurpose Storage: Why Didn’t I Think of That?

You might go to a friend’s place and and find out that some of their items and spaces double as storage. “Why didn’t I think of that,” you wonder quietly to yourself as you watch them pull out the drawers they had installed in the dead space underneath the staircase. Spokane, as part of the Pacific Northwest, will have many people who know how to make the most of what they’ve got, given the local culture of thinking outside of the box with creative reuse. Here are a few ways to help you get started!

Convertible Couch Furniture into Bed Design Multipurpose Storage: I Should Have Thought of That!


#1. Multi-Purpose Furniture

The classic multi-purpose item is the couch that doubles as a fold-out bed for when guests come to stay with you, but there are even better things to be had these days, including furniture items that save you space and look easy on the eye. A few ideas are bookshelves or window loveseats that pull out as drawers, shelves, or dividers underneath your couch or chair as well as staircases that open as storage cabinets. Thankfully, you don’t have to purchase these items – try some of the wooden boxes you can get from Spokane’s co-op market or local store.

Builtin bookshelves Multipurpose Storage: I Should Have Thought of That!

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#2. Built-in Bookshelves

The key phrase you need to know for this type of storage is dead space. Find open areas of your apartment or house where you can put in some shelves and dividers, materials which do not need to be used only for books. You can also build into your walls – literally. Rather than installing shelves, find indentations where you can install a small cabinet or find corners where you can put in a shelf. Another area to look is the wall facing your staircase; is there any open space for a shelf to be installed? Since you’re renting in Spokane, chances are you will be in a house that contains many of these spaces.

#3. Under-the-Bed Baskets or Drawers

Under-the-bed baskets and drawers are an especially good idea for kids, as they can store their books and toys out of sight for easy access and storage. If you want a more affordable option, look for shallow baskets or plastic storage containers that fit underneath your sleeping area. If you wish for something a little more flush, there are bed frames with drawers built into the bottom and given some of the things you’ll find on a quick Internet search, it’s not a bad idea for adults, either!

#4. Shower Caddy Near the Bathroom Sink or Above the Toilet

You don’t need to keep your shower caddy in the shower – install one next to your sink or above the toilet for easy access to your out-of-shower toiletries or small hand towels. You can also spruce it up by putting in some potpourri pots using those Mason jars that Spokane folks seem to find so handy for any and all things.

#5. Tables, Chairs, and Ottomans With Removable Tops

Making use of multi-purpose furniture is a great way to store books, other reading materials, and old mementos or other items you might want to peruse as you kick back and relax in your living room.

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