Big Ideas in Small Space Living

Create space in your garage by hanging tools on the walls.

Big Ideas in Small Spaces: How to Effectively Store All Your Things in Your Apartment

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Utilizing hooks on a wall is a simple (and straight forward) way to create extra space in your apartment.

Your new apartment might be the perfect size for you, but maybe it’s too cluttered and you want to reorganize, or you don’t want some of your personal items out on display for your guests to see when they come over for dinner. You think you’ve found every last corner, cabinet, and shelf to shove every book, seasonal clothing item, and kitchen gadget and have given up on the possibility of creating a clean space for living in your new apartment. Don’t “fold” just yet–here, we have five tips for you on how to maximize your storage space without having to toss out half the things you own. 

TIP 1 Use “Dead Space.” 

“Dead space” is those parts of your apartment that you wouldn’t normally think of as a storage or hang-out area. It can be that extra long, narrow corner in the back of one of the open rooms or the open space above your staircase. Think of ways that you can repurpose dead space by envisioning nooks and crannies where you can set up your home office or install shelves for books and other items. Even better, use those open corners as a reading nook by installing a few shelves and set up some pillows for a comfortable and relaxing break from your everyday routine.

TIP 2 Install baseboard drawers in your kitchen.

Baseboard drawers are a great way to save room in your kitchen. Store baking sheets, your pomegranate seeder, and other gadgets you don’t reach for on a regular basis in them, or food items that you can store relatively flat, such as bags of flour, rice, or sugar. 

1.16 Bigideasinsmallspaces Big Ideas in Small Space Living

Looking for a BIG idea in a small spcae? Look no further then a shoe rack system.

TIP 3 Grab a shoe rack (or two)

Shoe racks allow you to put other things on your closet floor and shelves. Grab the fold-able kind that you can hang in the closet along with your clothes or on the back of your bedroom door and make use of the closet floor and upper shelf space for boxes and containers of the other things you want to put away neatly. Don’t forget to label them so you know what’s in there!

TIP 4 Install hooks near the front door for your coats and winter wear.

This is another innovative way to create space in your closets without taking up extra room in your apartment. If you live in a place where it rains and snows regularly, it’s also a great way to keep water and dirt away from the rest of your things. 

TIP 5 Try a Corner Shelving Unit in Your Bathroom. 

A lot of apartment bathrooms are small and don’t provide much room for moving, much less keeping the things you need to spruce yourself up in the morning. Look for open corners in your bathroom where you can put a triangular stand-alone storage unit, with multiple shelves, of course. That way, you can keep all your grooming essentials in one place while keeping counter space to a maximum. 

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