Summer Movie Party Themes

Summer movie season is upon us! Whether you prefer to relax in the nearest air-conditioned multiplex, drink a PBR on an old couch at the local indie cinema, or turn your apartment into a cozy home theater, here are some fun excuses for throwing a movie-themed party this summer:

Before Midnight (May 24):

before midnight movie 300x195 Summer Movie Party Themes

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke are married with kids in Greece, almost two decades after they met on an overnight train to Vienna. Theme: Philosophy 101 drinking game / existentialism bingo. Drink also for meditations on mortality, nostalgia, or waning romantic desire.

The Internship (June 7):

the internship movie 300x168 Summer Movie Party Themes

In this two-hour commercial for movie about Google, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson compete with young techies for an internship at the search-engine giant. Theme: Valencia Street hipsters — ironic glasses, t-shirts emblazoned with the logos of well-known startups, ceramic demitasses (pinkies out), very expensive messenger bags.

This Is the End (June 12):

this is the end movie 300x166 Summer Movie Party Themes

The Apocalypse begins during a kegger at James Franco’s house. All the best celebrities are in this movie. Theme: None needed, this clearly is already a party.

The Bling Ring (June 14):

the bling ring movie 300x190 Summer Movie Party Themes

Sophia Coppola’s latest is based on a Vanity Fair profile of the LA teenagers who got caught robbing celebrities’ homes in the summer of 2009. Theme: Come in your (faux-) designer best. Venti Frappuccinos and knockoff Juicy velour sweatpants obligatory; Valley-girl accent encouraged.

Hammer of the Gods (July 5):
HAMMER OF THE GODS 300x156 Summer Movie Party Themes

I have no idea what this is about, but it looks like it involves a lot of blood and chainmail. Plan accordingly. Theme: Vikings?

The Conjuring (July 19):

The Conjuring 300x165 Summer Movie Party Themes

Creepy summer cinema at its finest. Ed and Lorraine Warren, professional exorcists, investigate a family’s possessed farmhouse. Theme: Homemade special effects to startle your friends: weird noises, invisible hands clapping, sudden blackouts, doors opening of their own accord, etc. It also might be a good idea to redecorate your place in farmhouse chic.

Man of Steel (June 14), The Wolverine (July 26), Thor: A Dark World (November 8):

 Summer Movie Party Themes

Okay, so Thor isn’t technically a summer movie, but it’s clear that comic-book movies are making yet another comeback this year. Theme: Feel free to throw your standard, garden-variety superhero costume party, OR have everyone come as a washed-up action hero (a balding Wolverine, a Superman who can barely even levitate, etc.).

Elysium (August 9):

elysium movie 300x164 Summer Movie Party Themes

In the year 2154, the 1% live on an idyllic, disease- and violence-free space station called Elysium, while the other 99% are stuck on a ruined Earth. Matt Damon, an earthling, plots to storm the castle. Like Avatar, without the aliens? Theme: Intergalactic dystopian future. No aliens.

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