The Standing Desk

In the past year, the media has increasingly reported on the dangers of sitting too much; it might even be as dangerous as smoking. (Cue Jon Stewart: “So, if I give up sitting, can I start smoking again?”) Well, great, you have a desk job—what’s a working stiff to do? One option is the standing desk for your apartment or office.

standing desk for your home11 The Standing Desk

What’s a standing desk?


Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? A very high desk! But to be clear, a very high desk that’s ideally set up for your own ergonomic comfort, with typing and screen at your particular optimum height.

Why should I bother with a standing desk?

Did you read the part that said sitting all the time is super dangerous to your health? Also, standing reportedly burns 30 more calories per hour than sitting, and that’s without any extra movement. Anyone who’s ever had sciatica will tell you that sitting can be painful, too. Other reasons: increased blood flow to the brain! (Maybe. Don’t quote me on that.) Smaller waistline! (Maybe. As long as you don’t eat those extra burned calories.)

workstation The Standing Desk

What if I get tired standing all the time?

Tough beans! Just kidding—there are plenty of models employing a sit/stand conversion option. You can easily change throughout the day.

What if a standing desk is just too expensive for poor old me?

You’re in good company. Speaking of company, see if yours would be willing to pay for your upgrade. But if not, you can hack your own at a much-discounted expense. Get inspired by all the people who have done so. Choose one of these 6 DIY standing desks. Or buy a smaller, much cheaper desk for your office or apartment.

standing desks for the office1 The Standing Desk

Will everyone think I’m a freak?

Naw—standing desks have been around for a decade and are getting increasingly popular for the home office and utilitarian bedroom setup . Think of yourself as “comfortably cutting edge.”

Want to know more? Check out these reviews of of various desks, and reasons to adopt one.


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