Chic Decorating for Cheap

Elegant décor doesn’t require buckets of money. Instead, it requires discernment, the knowledge of when to eliminate items that detract from your apartment’s appeal. Choose things you really love, preferably made with quality materials. Check out our basic decorating guidelines for staying chic when you’ve gotta stay cheap:

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Stay simple and add a few accents


“Chic” and “cluttered” are practically mutually exclusive. Start with a bare bones set of furniture and décor—hopefully a high quality, bare bones set. From there, add a small number of luxurious accents. For example, a set of lush drapes that add sophisticated coziness to a room. One or two well-tended potted plants, to bring life into a space. A few photographs whose frames are decidedly not plastic. You don’t need much, and what you do need should add, not detract, from your home’s elegance.

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Repaint on the regular


That includes shabby or dated furniture! A new coat of paint every few years will keep your home looking fresh and clean. If you don’t want to go through the ordeal of a huge paint job that often, keep the rest of the room white and have one accent wall, whose color can change with your mood.

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Declutter, but don’t necessarily hide


Clutter has no place in the chic apartment. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to hide all small items from view. Open shelving in your kitchen, for example, can show off your dishes—just make sure they’re carefully stacked. Cohesive collections of figurines or records can serve as decoration, so long as they’re intentionally arranged and not packed together too closely. Think outside the box—literally!


Be creative & shop around


If you’re willing to log some time sleuthing, you can often find things far cheaper than you’d expect. Craigslist, thrift stores, eBay, estate sales, and even overstock can produce beautiful, discount furniture and decorations. Check out broke & chic for some visual inspiration, and to witness the variety of options for décor sourcing.

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