Chores You Should Do Every 4 Weeks

Because the work never stops.

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Dust, dust everything


Really, everything. Fans and overhead light fixtures. The surfaces of everything from refrigerator to bookcase to TV to curtain rods. All your picture frames, art, and knick-knacks. This chore will keep your lungs healthier and your house cleaner for longer.


Vacuum the furniture


The only thing grosser than the underside of couch cushions is the underside of couch cushions that haven’t been cleaned out in months. Get the nozzle into all those little crevices, and save your guests a handful of rotting dust bunnies when they drop their cell phone.


Clean or change heater filters


Cheap ones need to be replaced monthly to ensure that they’re actually keeping scary particles out of your kids’ lungs. More expensive filters should be cleaned. If it’s the warm season, check your AC filters.

 cleaning Chores You Should Do Every 4 Weeks

Attack your fridge and stove


I’ve lived in households that deep-cleaned the refrigerator and stove every week. At least, you should do it monthly. Clear everything out of the fridge, wipe down and disinfect it (with vinegar, people, not chemicals you wouldn’t normally pour into your food), and throw away anything that’s gone bad. Move the must-be-eaten-soon foods to the front where you will see them. Clean both the stovetop and the oven. And the microwave, while you’re at it!


Give your car the once-over


Check and, if needed, replenish oil. Check coolant and wiper fluid. Make sure your tire pressure is up to snuff. (That last one can really affect your gas mileage!)


Wash anything you haven’t


Mattress covers, comforters, and, depending on how vigilant you haven’t been, sheets and pillowcases.

  Chores You Should Do Every 4 Weeks

Test fire alarms!


The most important thing you could do, chore-wise. It doesn’t matter how clean your house is if it’s burned down.


If you have any good ideas or time saving tricks to monthly cleaning then be sure to let others know on Facebook!





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