Paint it Green: Eco-Friendly Paints

What makes a paint “green”? In general, low- or zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds), all-natural pigments, and/or low biocides/carcinogenic components. Don’t feel like figuring this out for yourself? Here are some great options:

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AFM has been making safer building products since the 1970s, and has environmental certifications up the wazoo. In addition to their paints, they make an array of commercial products, from sealers to calking to carpet cleaners. If you’re sensitive to chemicals or ardently opposed to animal testing, this might be the paint company for you.


yolo 2 Paint it Green: Eco Friendly Paints

YOLO Colorhouse


Not, in fact, named because you only live once—if you’re a good homeowner, you’ll paint far more than once. YOLO is a good hipster choice, however, as it bills itself as an “indie” paint company and they managed to hire someone with good graphic skills to design their website. (I mean, their baby-room colors are even gender-neutral.) They don’t have a huge quantity of colors, but pride themselves on some of the best quality paint colors on the eco market.




AURO Natural Eco paint takes both your health and the environment’s into consideration—even the linseed oil in their paints is certified organic, for cripe’s sake. 99% natural raw materials and no petrochemicals—hard to go wrong, although you may end up mixing them yourself.

  Paint it Green: Eco Friendly Paints


Old-Fashioned Milk Paint


Well, to start with, there’s not a cooler paint name on the market. The paint really does rely on dairy solids, and is great for restored and reproduction furniture, or for an old-fashioned “organic” look. It comes in 20 colors.


Need more ideas?

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