Best Home Makeover Shows

Okay, these might not be the “best,” because what does that mean, anyway? But they are ones that some of our staff have enjoyed the most.

tv shows sarahs house 300x150 Best Home Makeover Shows

Sarah’s House

Canadian Sarah most recently covers the entire process of design, from plans to final room-by-room decorating. Her design aesthetic is nearly universal in its accessibility—hip, but also classic—so no viewer should feel left out, artistically. It’s super satisfying to see the whole spectrum of a boring, boxlike home to one  you’d actually like to live in.

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Property Brothers

Like cute nerds and home décor? This is the perfect show for you. The brothers help people find their “perfect” fixer-upper and then, well fix it up. And unlike many makeover shows, budget is a concern—as it is for most people buying a down-in-the-mouth house. Tune in if you want insight into the sometimes differing visions between designer and homeowner, or if you’re thinking of taking on a fixer-upper yourself.

tv shows house hunters 212x300 Best Home Makeover Shows

House Hunters Renovation

The show House Hunters has been around for over a decade; now you get to enjoy its hybrid version, House Hunters Renovation. Similar to Property Brothers, but with an older twist. A good show for someone who wants to see the before-and-after of actually looking for a house, and then trying to make it into a home.

Want the comprehensive list? Here’s HGTV’s list of favorite makeover shows. Spoiler: it’s super long. Caveat: it’s their own shows!

And before you get too excited, I ran into this charming anti-home-makeover show diatribe. Don’t worry—it’s only discouraging you from inviting them into your house, not from watching icon smile Best Home Makeover Shows

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